iOS 4.2 is Coming

It wasn’t long ago that Apple Announced that iOS for the iPhone and iPad would merge into a single release cycle. Currently, iOS for the iPhone is at version 4.1 while the iPad is still running version 3.2.2. With iOS 4.2 the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch will all be brought to the same version and enjoy many of the same features and functionality.

Its believed that iOS 4.2 will be made available to consumers on Friday November 12th as the Gold Master of the software has been released to developers but there is still some discussion about what features will or won’t be made available. There is some question related to the ability to Print from your mobile devices being cut from the iOS 4.2 release.

While there is still some questions about whether printing functionality will be included in iOS 4.2 there is still a significant amount of new features and functionality that will be available to our Apple Devices.

iPad Multitasking

iPhone users have enjoyed multitasking capabilities on their devices for a number of months now, but the ability to listen to Pandora while browsing the web wasn’t available to iPad owners. iOS 4.2 changes this and will allow you to quickly jump between apps with your iPad. It will make the tablet that much more of a powerful device and prime it for its upcoming competition with other Tablet devices running on the Android platform.


Organizing your ever growing iPad app library will be just as easy as it is on the iPhone as you’ll quickly be able to create app folders. Again a feature that will bring the iPad up to the level many iPhone owners have enjoyed for a number of months.


Apple’s release of an updated Apple TV made this new feature for Apple Mobile devices very enticing. AirPlay will allow you to quickly send video, pictures, and music from your iOS device to your Apple TV. No need for wires to watch the videos you captured with your iPhone on your TV. Just launch Airplay and connect to your Apple TV and share the memories with everyone on the Big Screen. I imagine this feature will help Apple sell more Apple TV devices. Now, it would be great if this worked with set top boxes provided by cable companies but I seriously doubt that functionality will be extended to third party app development.

Additional Features

iOS 4.2 will also include improvements to Apple’s Mail app on the iPad, the ability to search and find text on web pages in Safari (I’ve been missing this feature on the iPad) and improved enterprise support. Expect to see the iPad in corporate offices more often as Apple continues to realize the potential of making their tablet part of every day office work and productivity. The Tablet market maybe just what Apple needs to finally overtake MS Office in the document creation market.