Why I still love MobileMe

I’ve been an iTools user since 2001. After that, I was a .Mac subscriber for many years. I’ve been paying what many people consider an egregious Apple tax for almost a decade. Every 12 months, except 15 in one case because of some credits for downtime, I pay $150 for the Family Pack edition. I use an account per family member. Since we all have iPhones, this is the perfect solution for us.

I bet many of you think I’m throwing my money away. I bet a ton of you think MobileMe is a waste, with many free services out there that can do all or most of the MobileMe functions very well. And you Windows users are probably wondering why you even came to this site in the first place, and to that I say: get on board with Apple, yo. Windows 7 ain’t gonna do it.

Here’s what I really like about MobileMe:

1. Syncing via MobileMe is easy
Those of you used to Exchange have probably had these features for years, which include auto-syncing of contacts, events and notes, but you’ve never had access to it outside of a corporate environment. MobileMe is a complete information-sharing medium, replacing the need for Exchange, a file server and a secure, remote way to access your device. And all you need is a user name and password.

2. File sharing is simpler
Open your iDisk, which looks very similar to your Home Folder, and then drag and drop your files. No confusing FTP ports, servers or log ins needed, just a familiar folder that isn’t complicated by absolute paths or anything that doesn’t make sense. It looks and works like a normal disk, just that its contents aren’t stored locally.

3. Me.com is a cool domain
As with mac.com before it, I really do like having a tdhurst@me.com email address. It’s very personal, it shows that I’m a Mac guy and it’s unique in the sense that there’s a slight barrier to entry of obtaining one. Which is kinda like owning a Mac in the first place, I guess.

4. Contact syncing works with other sources
I use MobileMe with DayLite and I use it with Gmail. My top two programs for storing and managing contacts work very well with my paid solution and compatibility is important to me. Fixing errors sucks and if I wanted to have more finite control over my machine, I’d put together a Windows box and train myself to be t3h Ub3R H/\X0R and I’m just not sure I have the time.

5. Free services freak me out
I’m an avid user of WordPress and Gmail and other services like Tumblr and Facebook. I pay no money to use these software/service packages and as such can’t reasonably expect their offerings to suit my needs over the long term. There’s just nothing in it for them. When I pay for something, I have higher standards for what I’d like my software to do and how the service should be offered. I like that.

Do you use MobileMe? Do people scoff at you? Do you want to order tshirts?