Mac Gaming: Direct Downloads

GameTree Online-1.pngWhile PC game manufactures with available services from Valve Software’s Steam and have allowed customers to purchase and download games directly to their hard drive for some time now, no one has offered the same capabilities for the Mac.

Despite having the number 1 online Music store and a solid media download service offered through iTunes with Music, Movies, TV Shows, and Games for your iPod, Apple has not yet worked out any deals with gaming studios that would allow them to sale direct downloads for Mac games.

But, it appears that instead of waiting to see if Apple will negotiate a deal with the larger gaming studios that sell games for the Mac (ID, EA, etc.), has reached a deal to offer direct downloads of Spore Creature Creator to Mac users. The site is currently accepting pre-orders for the game.

GameTree Online.png currently offers 3 other games for Direct Download. These include:

  1. Puzzle Quest
  2. The Tuttles: Madcap Misadventures
  3. The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes

While none of these are blockbuster Mac games like Command & Conquer 3, the fact that they’ve included Spore means that more EA games may soon follow.

Purchasing from the site is quick and easy and accepts credit cards or allows you to pay through paypal.

So, if you’re interested in some new Mac games and don’t want to head to the store to get them, give a try.