Open .rar Files on a Mac

While there are a number of different compression options available to computer users, one that is used more and more often on PCs and Linux and not as much on Macs is the .rar file format. .rar file compression is often used for a collection of files or large files that need to be split up into a number of smaller files to make sending over the internet easier.

As the internet speeds available to users continues to increase, the need for files saved in a .rar format will be seen less and less, however in the meantime you will want to be able to open on your Mac the files that you receive that have been compressed using rar compression technology.

To Open .rar Files on a Mac:

  • You’ll need to download a .rar file extraction program as the functionality of extracting .rar files is not native to OS X. I recommend unrarx.
  • Open-Rar-Files-Mac.jpg
  • After you’ve downloaded the extraction application be sure to install it, or drag and drop it into your application folder.
  • Next, open the extraction application, unrarx in this case, and drag and drop file to unrarx. Be sure to set the extraction destination and click the extract button

After the files finish extracting you’ll be able to access them at the extraction destination you selected. Open .rar files on a Mac is quick and easy but does require downloading a third party application. Since the need for these type of files will decrease as it becomes easier to share large files across the Internet don’t expect it to be an added feature in future versions of OS X. It hasn’t been added in yet and it most likely never will be.

If you know of other software that can extract .rar files, or would like to recommend a different method to solve the problem of .rar files please let us know in the comments.