iOS 4 Parental Controls

The mobile world continually makes it quicker and easier to be in contact with friends, share your location, and have instant access to media of all types. But with these increased capabilities also comes increased concern from parents. Many parents want to provide their children with the latest technology offered by the iPhone 4 but also want to limit the media files they have access to, the way they share information with others, and to help keep a level of privacy in their lives. To help these parents, Apple has provided increased parental controls for the iPhone 4 in iOS 4.

Parental Controls on the iPhone were available with previous versions of iOS but an increased level of controls and filtering have been added to the iOS 4 Parental Control features. The new improved filtering capabilities include details levels of content filtering. Now users can set rating restrictions by their country, set the rating level allowed for music and podcasts, the rating level allowed for viewing movies, TV shows, and playing Apps. The familiar features of restricting access to the Safari, Youtube, iTunes, Installing new Apps, access to the phones camera, and sharing location information over the internet.

How To Enable Parental Controls on the iPhone 4

Parental Controls on iOS 4 for the iPhone 4 and previous iPhone models is easily setup. To enable Parental Controls on iOS 4:

  1. Open Settings and Select General
  2. iOS-4-General-Settings.png
  3. Next, select Restrictions
  4. iPhone-4-Settings-Restrictions.png
  5. Enter a Restrictions Password twice to lock the restriction features
  6. iPhoto-4-Rescritions Passcode.png
  7. Make modifications to the Restrictions you’d like to apply for the phone
  8. iPhoto-3.jpg

    You’ve now applied the restrictions to the phone and limited the functionality and can have comfort with your children using the phone. Remove any of the restrictions from this same menu area in settings to re-enable features that you’ve disabled through iOS 4 Parental Controls on the iPhone 4.