How To Install Apple’s Magic Trackpad

Many analysts would agree that Apple’s notebooks have one of the best, if not the best, trackpads in the industry. The multitouch input device is extremely user friendly, filled with advanced features, and even fun to use. Apple’s Trackpads are larger than those found on most other notebooks and after … Read more

How To Jailbreak and Restore Your iPhone 4

It didn’t take long for the hacker community to identify a way to jailbreak iOS 4 and the iPhone 4. In fact, they’ve made it so easy to do so this time around that you don’t even need to connect your iPhone 4 to your computer to complete the jailbreak … Read more

5 Best New Features of Safari 5

Apple made a major announcement yesterday when they announced their next iPhone model, the iPhone 4, at their own WWDC Keynote address but that wasn’t the only upgrade Apple announced. In a less promotional way Apple updated their Safari page and introduced Safari 5. Safari 5 is Apple’s latest web … Read more

Clean Your iPhone Screen

I’ll admit that I was a bit surprised when I initially did research into finding the best way to clean your iPad screen and found that it was highly recommended to not use cleaning products. I had previously thought that a window or screen cleaner would work great for cleaning … Read more

iMovie Themes

one of the most used pieces of software on the Mac is one of the applications included in iLife. iMovie, is Apple’s featured movie making application for home users, which lets you quickly and easily create movies that you can share with friends and family. With each new version of … Read more

Snow Leopard Parental Controls

As the internet continues to retain its Wild Wild West characteristics where individuals find ways of posting content that many feel is only appropriate for adults, Parents will continually look for ways to control what their children have access to while browsing the web. We’ve discussed previously how the Macintosh … Read more