Machinarium: Pointing-and-Clicking the Future

Machinarium, developed by the independent Czech studio Amanita Design, is a point-and-click adventure game that has recently landed in the Mac App Store (it had been released in 2009). If you enjoy point-and-click adventures, then Machinarium is the gem that you’ve been patiently waiting for. If you’ve never heard of … Read more

Colorize – A Mac Photography App

One of the more popular type of applications available to Mac owners in Apple’s new Mac App Store is photography. Many apps developed to help Photographers quickly and easily modify and customize images are popping up all over the App store. Many of these apps focus on one styling approach … Read more

Netflix for iPad

Simply put, Netflix and iPad were meant to be together. TV while doing the dishes and movies in the car, all without needing another device. Words can’t describe. Yes, little TVs and portable disc players do the same thing, but you need two gadgets instead of one, the iPad. Not … Read more

How to Justify Purchasing an iPad

You’re positively dying to get an iPad, but you’re playing it smart. It has to make good financial sense before you take the leap. Well, wipe off that dusty old bank card and get ready to swipe, because an iPad can pay for itself. To be fair, any tablet can … Read more

Richard Branson’s iPad-Only ‘Project’

Magazines on the iPad have been the same-old-same. If not the same, then reduced content, little reduction in price, and the same format we’ve seen. Project is a magazine that has changed the definition of content and the direction of price. Right now, the magazine is living up to its … Read more

Using the iPad WordPress App

Thanks to the iPad, updating your WordPress blog on the go is simple. So is the WordPress app, simple that is. WordPress isn’t the only choice in blogging platforms, but it is the answer for many a blogger. For functionality, flexibility, and personalization, it’s among the best. Slowly, the ability … Read more

Discover Discovr

While this is a period of peculiar uncertainty for iPad users (to buy or not to buy, to upgrade or not to upgrade, etc.), we can all find the same certainty in the reliability of Apps available for us. The world of iPhones and iPads will change and consumers will … Read more