App Review: Mortgage Calculator

With interest rates at an all time low, my wife and I decided a few months ago that it was time to move into a home that we owned.    We spent hours upon hours looking through,, and other websites to find out the homes available to us … Read more

Dentist Worries? There is an App For That

Ever since the iPhone opened it’s doors to third party developers there have been a plethora of apps created for almost everything you can imagine.  In the early days, gimmick apps that mimicked bodily noises were all the rage.  Utility apps like Flashlights and graphing calculators have made phones a … Read more

App Review: Sir Octopus

I recently came across an entertaining app while looking through the App Store with my 7 year old son. Sir Octopus, is a game designed for children aged 4 and older that lets you take “Sir Octopus” through a maze to gather up all his kids. The game is a … Read more

App Review: Dash and Bash

Game apps are difficult to get right.  Some are too easy while others are too hard or lack interesting context to keep you playing.  However when I come across a game which gets it right I’m hooked for hours.  Dash & Bash is a game that got me hooked.  It’s … Read more

Tales of Pirates for iOS

As a parent I am always working to make my kids happy while at the same time hoping that the happiness I bring them includes a bit of learning and discovery.  One thing that is great about the iPhone and iPad is that the apps developed on them are often … Read more

Motion Backgrounds – Sandy Beach 3D

About 8 months ago I moved my family down to Florida. One of the best things about living down in a tropical climate is being just a few minutes away from the beach at all times. I love finding excuses to work outside, especially during the winter months, and I’m … Read more

Inpaint – Photo Improvement App

Apple computers have always been the product of choice for graphical artists and many photographers. The high quality camera on the iPhone 5 and how easily the device integrates with Macs has made graphical and photographic use on Apple products increase. This increase has led to the creation of specialty … Read more